Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Elissa as a tutor?

You can expect that Elissa will:

  • Listen to your concerns in order to custom design a program for advancement.
  • Create a sympathetic, supportive environment for learning.
  • Keep parents informed, at intervals and on request, of student’s progress.
  • Maintain contact with teachers if desired.

What distinguishes Elissa from other tutors?

  • Elissa’s long teaching experience among different populations (college students, high school students, middle school students, elementary students) ensures that she is aware not only of the challenges each student faces at the immediate moment, but the challenges that he or she can expect in the next stage of the educational journey.
  • Her credentials and experience fit her to teach a wide variety of subject materials.
  • Her gifts as a listener, and her belief that listening is the first requirement for good learning and teaching, mean that she is willing and able to tailor her tutoring program very precisely to your needs.
  • She is willing, on request, to work with school staff to help the student overcome whatever difficulties are holding him or her back, and to help develop gifts and talents.
  • She pays careful attention to each student, and is able to tell when they are “not getting” the problem/subject in question.

Does tutoring mean the student is stupid?

Absolutely not! Elissa’s students vary from those with high IQs who have organizational issues or ADHD, to those who have significant problems with math, or writing, or who really hate to read. Students who choose to get a tutor are smart! This is because their decision to get tutoring maximizes their ability to use their inborn skills and realize their awesome potential. It’s a rational decision, not a sign that the student is somehow defective, but actually a signal that the student is intelligent enough to get the coaching he or she needs at the time.

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