What Clients are Saying

When Chelsea came home from her first session with Elissa, she told us how comfortable she felt and that Elissa “didn’t put her down or make her feel bad because she was seeing a tutor.” Through her junior and senior years at Central Catholic, Elissa helped her to succeed in English literature, science, and math, including Pre-Calculus. Chelsea received “automatic entry” into the U of O, and is now well prepared to succeed in college, thanks to Elissa Hare.
Bruce and Barb C., NE Portland.

Elissa is excellent with my 14-year-old granddaughter who had become discouraged with her online high school French class. Elissa is encouraging, tells interesting stories, is very attentive, is firm and helps move along with the lessons. I see the excitement in my granddaughter, she looks forward to going to the tutoring sessions.
Vicky H.

Elissa tutored our daughter for 3 years in high school.  She helped her develop the writing skills needed not only to get through high school, but also to thrive in college.  Elissa was a patient, eager and compassionate tutor who helped our daughter’s much needed self confidence.
Kiki P

Elissa Hare is an excellent tutor. She made my daughter feel welcome, at ease, and capable of accomplishing any task. We visited Elissa primarily for help with math homework and tests; she was always prepared for whatever assignment my daughter was given. If they ran out of math work to do, Elissa would not waste a moment of time. She would have my daughter digging through her backpack for other homework she could help with.
Molly J.

Before going to Elissa, we had considered Sylvan or Kumon. Elissa, however, was able to provide more expertise, as well as a one-on-one environment that was far more suited to our needs.
Shelly J.

Elissa was an SAT tutor for our daughter, and later helped her with a big IB English extended essay project. She was an outstanding instructor! We would very highly recommend her to any student wanting to achieve their best on the SATs and beyond!
Anne B.

My daughter realized once she was in college how much you helped her. One of her college professors commented on her great writing skills.  She would not have had those four years ago without your help. Know that we appreciate your hard work. It did pay off.
Christine P., NE Portland

Thank you for all the hard work you put into tutoring me.  I’m going to do so much better on the GRE because of you!
LM., SW Portland

My LSAT score went up 100 points!
Bob S., Tualatin

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